5G Modems are shipping, and results have been impressive

We are catching up on our 5G order backlog, and customers have began activating their new 5G modems / service.

So far it has been very impressive. If you have a pending 5g order, you should see your new modem arriving later this week.

** Below are just some of the results that have been sent in by users. We have had 2 users report slow speeds, and we are working with them to resolve the issue.

So far we have seen the average data usage for our active 5G customers at 71GB per day! (The 4G LTE average is 8GB)




Billing Policy and System Updates coming in June 2022.

Good Afternoon,

SardisTEL will be updating our billing platform and to conform with the new platform, all monthly billing will move to 30 day billing. This means that all accounts are transitioning to 30 day payment periods. Additionally, we will being using an automated suspension / disconnection system, and any invoices not paid by the due date will result in automatic suspension and disconnection of SardisTEL internet service, and will be automatically restored upon successful payment of past due invoice. We will also start enforcing the $30 reconnection fee for any customers that fail to make payment arrangements, and are disconnected 3 or more times in a 12 month period.

SardisTEL is a prepay service, therefore your bill must be paid before we provide access to the internet or other services.

Thank You

Warranty Repair Reminder

We hate that we have to post this, but this has once again become a bigger problem than it should be.

SardisTEL is happy to repair broken or malfunctioning modems as long as the malfunction is not due to neglect by the customer.

We are NOT reasonable for modems that stop working, or no longer work correctly if they are covered in or full of (just a few examples)

  • Any bodily fluid
  • Animal urine & feces
  • Bugs (Roaches, Bed Bugs, etc)

Modems that are sent in for service that are covered in / full these discusting issues will be thrown away immediately, and the customer will be responsible for the replacement cost of $125.25.

These issues are NOT SardisTEL’s problem, and there are a lot more comments we would like to make, but to remain civil, please know this is unacceptable and 100% avoidable by keeping the area around your modem clean.

P.S. – The same also goes for modems sent in for cancellations or upgrades, you will not be getting a refund if your modem is in such a deplorable condition.


When our staff opens your modem to attempt to repair or inspect it’s operation, we should not have to run as fast as we can out of the building due to it’s nasty condition. 

Spring Update 2022

Good Morning,

SaridsTEL is pleased to announce that as of Monday April 11th, at 4:30am we have completed part of our 2022 systems upgrade. As of this morning, our AT&T capacity has grown by 3Gbps. We have upgraded a number of our core systems. Parts of the network that were 1Gbps are now at a minimum 2.5Gbps, but most were upgraded to 10Gbps switching. Our older 10Gbps network has been upgraded either dual 10Gbps LAG or single 25Gbps fiber.

Customers in the part of the network that has been upgraded should see faster speeds, lower latency and fewer outages.

We will continue to improve our network and systems, as we are committed to you, our customers.

Additionally, after a bit of a delay, 5G modem shipments are back on track for anyone who has purchased one already. Keep an eye out for your tracking # via email in the next few days.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring, and staying safe from all the tornados and bad weather this time of year.

P.S. – We are upgrading and updating the content on our website this week, to better reflect our current offers and services. If you have pages bookmarked, they may change.



5G Service has launched!

We are happy to announce that after 18 months of testing, our 5G service has launched.

Inclimate Weather January 3rd 2022

Sardis Telecom, SardisTEL, will be closed Monday January 3rd 2022 for Inclimate Weather. We will re-open Tuesday January 4th 2022.

New Years Schedule

Standard Customer Service and Sales will be Closed Friday, December 31st – Sunday January 2nd.

Technical support will still be available 24/7 using the customer portal helpdesk.

Thank You, and have a Happy New Year!

Christmas Schedule

Standard Customer Service and Sales will be Closed Friday, December 24th – Sunday December 26th.

Technical support will still be available 24/7 using the customer portal helpdesk.

Thank You, and have a Merry Christmas!

Thanksgiving Hours

SardisTEL will have modified hours of operation this week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

SardisTEL will be open Monday and Tuesday (11-22, 11-23) from 10am to 5pm CST.

SardisTEL will be closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (11-24, 11-25, 11-26) for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Emergency Technical support will be on-call during this time, and can be reached using the customer portal or by sending a SMS to 256-400-0011.

Phone Issues

SardisTEL is aware of an issue affecting both our phone numbers, and some of our customers phone service.

SardisTEL uses Telnyx as our VoIP trunk and DID wholesale provider. At this time Telnyx is under a DDOS attack, and this is causing intermittent telephone outages for both Voice and SMS/MMS messaging. This is also affecting SMS notifications from our helpdesk.

Due to this, all SardisTEL phone systems are providing a busy signal, and we are unable to communicate by phone until Telnyx resolves this DDOS attack.

For more information, please see Telnyx status at: