Inclimate Weather January 3rd 2021

Sardis Telecom, SardisTEL, will be closed Monday January 3rd 2021 for Inclimate Weather. We will re-open Tuesday January 4th 2021.

New Years Schedule

Standard Customer Service and Sales will be Closed Friday, December 31st – Sunday January 2nd.

Technical support will still be available 24/7 using the customer portal helpdesk.

Thank You, and have a Happy New Year!

Christmas Schedule

Standard Customer Service and Sales will be Closed Friday, December 24th – Sunday December 26th.

Technical support will still be available 24/7 using the customer portal helpdesk.

Thank You, and have a Merry Christmas!

Thanksgiving Hours

SardisTEL will have modified hours of operation this week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

SardisTEL will be open Monday and Tuesday (11-22, 11-23) from 10am to 5pm CST.

SardisTEL will be closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (11-24, 11-25, 11-26) for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Emergency Technical support will be on-call during this time, and can be reached using the customer portal or by sending a SMS to 256-400-0011.

Phone Issues

SardisTEL is aware of an issue affecting both our phone numbers, and some of our customers phone service.

SardisTEL uses Telnyx as our VoIP trunk and DID wholesale provider. At this time Telnyx is under a DDOS attack, and this is causing intermittent telephone outages for both Voice and SMS/MMS messaging. This is also affecting SMS notifications from our helpdesk.

Due to this, all SardisTEL phone systems are providing a busy signal, and we are unable to communicate by phone until Telnyx resolves this DDOS attack.

For more information, please see Telnyx status at:


AT&T Modem Issue – Starting October 1st 2021

Attention SardisTEL customers,

Some customers with older v2, v3 and v4 modems will have issues connecting to the Internet starting October 1st 2021. This is caused by changed AT&T is making to it’s core network and tower equipment, as they phase out the AT&T 3G network. This was expected to happen in February 2022, as you can see in this information listed on AT&T’s website. However, without any advanced notice AT&T chose to start this process early, and without pushing firmware to all affected devices to ensure they would connect properly to LTE only sites.

As a result of their failure to properly update all devices, approximately 1,886 SardisTEL customers have found themselves without internet. If you are affected by this, and did not get the emergency notification we sent out, please see the following page for more information, and to get your equipment repaired, so you can get back online

If your modem is 100% offline, and a reboot does not resolve the issue, please go to:

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we were blind-sighted by AT&T’s failure to follow their own timeline and procedures.

Returning to normal

Sardis Telecom’s phone based sales and support have begun returning to normal as of today, June 4th.

Going forward, our phone agents will be available Monday – Friday 10am to 4pm CST.

Please remember, technical support still requires a ticket opened in the customer portal with diagnostic information. Billing is only handled in the customer portal, our agents will not accept payment information over the phone for your security.

Network Upgrades, May 2021

Sardis Telecom is in the process of upgrading some core network equipment. This may cause some small periods of connectivity loss for North Alabama customers. Upgrades will be performed 5/21/2021 – 5/29/2021

Customers may notice their public IP’s change a few times, as traffic is re-routed over new network paths. Customers with Static IP’s may see longer outages as connections and BGP is restored to new core routers.

Our upgrades are to improve capacity, reduce latency, improve uptime and will allow us to increase customer speeds in the near future. Please keep an eye out on our announcements page, and your email for further information on increased speeds, and new service options coming soon.

Our network now has direct connections with 14 transit providers, and 141 partner networks including Google, and Microsoft Azure networks. We have also installed network wide DDOS filtering. We have increased our core network from 10Gbps ports, to 40Gbps ports to allow for current and future growth.

We look forward to improving our services, for you, our customers.