Billing Policy Changes

As previously reported on May 15th 2022, SardisTEL is moving to a 30 day service window. Meaning your service renewal will be every 30 days, and billing will be every 30 days. This will officially begin for any service renewals on and after 7/28/22.

Additionally, we have updated our billing and account management system, accounts that are past due will be automatically suspended and disconnected if no payment is made by 5pm on the due date, and no payment arrangements were made in the customer portal.

Any customer/connection that is suspended for non payment will be restored once full payment is made. Accounts may be subject to a $30 reconnection fee, as per the terms of service.

Remember suspension / disconnection and all related fee’s can be avoided by simply asking for a payment extension in the customer portal using the helpdesk. Please help us, help you, and notify us if you need more time to make a payment.