We hate that we have to post this, but this has once again become a bigger problem than it should be.

SardisTEL is happy to repair broken or malfunctioning modems as long as the malfunction is not due to neglect by the customer.

We are NOT reasonable for modems that stop working, or no longer work correctly if they are covered in or full of (just a few examples)

  • Any bodily fluid
  • Animal urine & feces
  • Bugs (Roaches, Bed Bugs, etc)

Modems that are sent in for service that are covered in / full these discusting issues will be thrown away immediately, and the customer will be responsible for the replacement cost of $125.25.

These issues are NOT SardisTEL’s problem, and there are a lot more comments we would like to make, but to remain civil, please know this is unacceptable and 100% avoidable by keeping the area around your modem clean.

P.S. – The same also goes for modems sent in for cancellations or upgrades, you will not be getting a refund if your modem is in such a deplorable condition.

When our staff opens your modem to attempt to repair or inspect it’s operation, we should not have to run as fast as we can out of the building due to it’s nasty condition.