Upgrades are coming

Sardis Telecom is in the process of finalizing some impressive infrastructure upgrades. In addition to offering faster service to our existing customers, we will begin the public launch of our faster 5G based internet services very soon.

(Speedtest are from points inside our core network, however new customer speeds will be up to 1,200Mbps download, 100Mbps upload.)


Known Issue – Frequent Modem Reboots

We are aware of an issue affecting about 200 customers at this time, requiring frequent modem reboots. Please be sure to see the Network Status page in the customer portal for details on this issue, and resolution. Thank You.

Please keep your Sardis Telecom equipment clean

Our staff would like to remind our customers to please, please, please keep your equipment clean. Please keep the area around our equipment clean. Recently we have had an increase in customers contacting us about slower than usual speeds, equipment that is turning off on it’s own, or no longer powering on. A large majority of the issues have been caused by modems that were not taken care of, causing a failure of the internal components.

We will not warranty replace or repair modems that are:

  • Covered in animal pee or poo.
  • Covered in maggots
  • Covered in roach droppings, live roaches, full of dead burnt up roaches, etc
  • Covered in tar, honey, etc

When you complain to us about equipment issues, and then we open the equipment up to find these things, we WILL charge you the full cost of a new replacement modem, and possibly an administrative or cleanup fee if you cause our office or desks to be contaminated with any of the above listed or similar problems.

It is NOT our fault, if your equipment fails or under performs due to you not keeping the modem or area around the modem clean.

See this example, brought in by a client this week because “it wouldn’t work” .. This is NOT covered by our warranty. When your modem shorts out because there are hundreds of baby roaches living in it, that is NOT our fault.

Inclement Weather – February 14th – 17th 2021

Sardis Telecom is prepared for the inclement weather approaching. All of our staff will be working from home until Thursday. We will not be available by phone during this time, however we will have extra technical support staff keeping an eye on the network conditions and customer portal to offer any assistance needed.

All issues that are not Technical Support emergencies will be held, and handled after the winter storms.

We ask all of our customers to be prepared for the weather that is coming, and we hope everyone is able to stay warm and safe.

Thank You

We are almost caught up

Good Afternoon,

I am pleased to announce that due to the hard work of our staff, we are officially almost caught up with the unprecedented demand caused by COVID-19.  We have had an extended delivery time for new service for the past 11 months. As of today January 20th, 2021, we are officially back on on track. All orders placed up to todays date should ship by mid next week. Moving forward new orders should only take 3-5 days for delivery.


Sardis Telecom

Phone Sales and Support Hours Modification (Temporary).

Due to staffing shortages related to COVID-19, we have modified our phone based sales, and customer service hours to the following until further notice.

We will be accepting phone calls Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1pm to 5:30pm.

Our billing department will be open every Friday from 1pm to 5:30pm.

We will still have 24/7 sales, customer service and technical support using the customer portal, and helpdesk.

Thank you for your understanding.

Billing Policy Updated

Sardis Telecom has updated it’s billing policy, effective 1/15/2021.

Important changes to be aware of, effective immediately:

  • Invoice’s are generated 7 days before due date, and emailed to email address on file. Additionally, all current and past invoices are always available in the customer portal.
  • Invoice’s are considered past due after 5pm CST on the due date.
  • Account credits will now be automatically applied to any new invoices.
  • Accounts will now be automatically suspended or limited when past due. Accounts that are suspended will be fully disconnected from the internet until payment or payment arrangement is made. Accounts that are limited will be limited to 1Mbps, and will remain limited until payment or payment arrangement is made. Limited accounts will be fully suspended after 72 hours.
  • Invoices that are past due, and no payment arrangements have been made will be subject to an automated late fee of $10.
  • Accounts that are limited or suspended, may take up to 24 hours to be re-connected after payment or arrangement is verified.

Our goal is not to be “hard asses” but instead to get customers to work with us to resolve any outstanding balances, and to make payment arrangements before accounts go into delinquent state. We are happy to provide extensions, and make special arrangements as needed. We just need to be contacted before it becomes a problem. Communication is key.

So please contact us if you need assistance, we are happy to work with you.

Services Restored, 12/26/2020!

Great news. All services for our customers should now be restored, as of 11:05pm CST on 12/26/2020. If your modem still has a red light, please unplug it from power, leave off for 10 full minutes, and then plug back into power.

If this does not resolve your issue, please open a support ticket.

In our network monitoring, we show all monitored devices back online.

** Please note, that some traffic is being diverted to other transit facilities, as AT&T is still restoring all fiber connections to towers and other infrastructure. You may experience some slower than usual traffic until things calm down a bit**

Update from AT&T on Nashville Bombing and Recovery

Update provided by AT&T on 12/26/2020 at 3:30pm CST.

All – Teams have completed their walk-through with the Fire Marshal and local authorities. Officials have given teams approval to begin restoring power to the 2nd and 3rd floors. After the 2nd and 3rd floors are energized, teams will begin working to restore power to the 1st, 4th and 5th floors. A fuel truck was brought in to refill the fuel tanks on the generators and a Caterpilar technician is onsite getting the generators ready to run. Teams will start one generator at a time. Once generators are running, teams can begin energizing power plants and charging batteries. Many batteries have reversed polarity and it is unclear at this time, if those batteries can be recharged. AT&T Structural Engineer has found no concrete or steel damage that would impair restoring power and service in the building that caused major concern.

Core CBB teams continue to work on the secondary plan to reroute around the Nashville 2nd Ave location. Service in and around the Lexington/Winchester, KY has returned for 3G and 4G service when CBB service was rerouted around the Nashville 2nd Ave location. 3G Data service is still degraded within that specific area. Work will continue with the CBB reroute plans across several locations around the Southeast Region including the Nashville, MTSO (Brick Church Pike).

Two SATCOLTs are positioned on the East and West sides of the NSVLTNMT Central Office and both are on-air and taking traffic to aid in communication. There are currently 6 assets on air – the 2 at the CO plus 4 that are supporting FN Customer Requests. There are 4 assets on route to their respective deployment locations- 2 in Alabama and 2 in TN. One asset has arrived at its intended deployment location in TN and is in the process of being turned up. Another 3 requests have been prioritized and assets that just arrived at the staging location are being deployed to their target locations in TN.

The Roaming Operations Center has successfully developed agreements with other carriers to allow AT&T subscribers in certain Location Area Codes (LACs) to roam on their network.

There are still 1,500+ cellular towers offline, and 30,000+ miles of fiber/copper transit offline affecting connectivity in 7 states.

Emergency Notification – December 25th 2020

Merry Christams,

This is an emergency announcement. At approximately 6:30am today, December 25th, 2020 a bomb was detonated outside of the Nashville, TN AT&T building, causing massive damage to the AT&T building, and surrounding buildings. As of about 11:30am there was a failure of backup systems in the AT&T network, due to damage from this event. Due to the failure of the main systems, and backup systems, there are massive outages at this time. Nashville authorities are still responding to the incident. This incident unfortunately has resulted in at least one death, and three injuries.

This building, the Nashville AT&T building, is a major fiber internet transport for both local and national fiber internet transport. This building also houses some critical AT&T systems. At this time, 12:45pm CST, AT&T is experiencing massive service outages. These outages are affecting ALL AT&T services in some areas, including AT&T TV, AT&T Fiber, AT&T Landline Phones, AT&T Wireless Phones, AT&T LTE, AT&T 5G, FirstNET phone and data.

The FBI and ATF have requested Nashville to shut down part of the electrical grid, and natural gas lines in parts of the city. This means that some systems that are currently online, will probably go offline in the next few hours once battery backups run out of power. They have not released a timeline of when electrical and natural gas service will be restored, we expect it will be some time, possibly a few days.

Sardis Telecom has noticed through network monitoring that about 400 customers of ours are 100% offline, and a few thousand are having intermittent packet loss, or inability to connect to some websites due to the traffic trying to go over network paths that are down.

At this time, there is no estimated time for a full fix. The area in Nashville is an active crime scene, and then AT&T will start repairs. AT&T is actively working to re-route services until then, but the priority is getting FirstNET back online and operational first, followed by business and consumer level services.

We are very glad no one has been reported killed, in this event, an event that appears to be a terrorist event.

Please remain vigilant, and report all suspicious activity to your local authorities.

Statement from AT&T:  “This morning’s Nashville bombing damaged AT&T’s regional switching center. Much of the Southeastern US may be impacted at some level including other Internet and communication carriers. AT&T is providing regular updates to all major news services. It’s likely to be a while before all services can be restored.”

Updated Statement from AT&T, 5pm CST on 12/25/2020 –

Additional Information from AT&T NOC: The Nashville building (NSVLTNMT) has sustained significant structural damage to the front one-third of the building; the rear two-thirds of the building appears to be intact. Parts of the interior are still inaccessible for safety reasons due to the structural damage sustained. Structural and electrical engineers are en route.
There is standing water in the basement and on every floor. The fire department will assist with pumping water out of basement.
There is no commercial power connectivity to the equipment due to breaker and switch equipment damage. Teams are currently working to de-energize all systems.
Two 850kW generators are en route with an ETA of 21:00 CT. A chiller is also en route with no ETA available at this time. The parking lot adjacent to the building (opposite the damaged side) has been secured to stage the generators. Once the generators arrive, teams will determine if it is safe to wire the generators tonight due to the sustained building damage and water in the building.

In addition, TEMA (Tennessee Emergency Management Agency) is volunteering two 1 megawatt generators to support recovery.

A SATCOLT has been positioned approximately a block and a half from the NSVLTNMT building and is up and taking traffic to aid in communication with those performing restoration. The next update will be issued at approximately 21:00 CT, unless there is a significant change in status.

Previous Status: As of 14:30 CT: There are multiple Battery on Discharge (BOD) conditions in the Nashville, TN Main (NSVLTNMT) Central Office (CO). The conditions observed are related to an explosion in downtown Nashville, that occurred near an AT&T building. The office affected supports several critical services including VOLTE, 3G/4G, TDM Switching, BVOIP services, Uverse/Data Services, 911 Routing, ESINET-911, and certain Enterprise Business Services. This event is affecting Mobility Services, 911 Services, TDM Voice Services, Data services and DirecTV channels in the area. There are seven (7) battery plants on discharge and voltages continue to drop. There are high temperature conditions due to HVAC systems failure and there is also water flooding the basement. Technicians and contractors from ATS, TFS Power and CRE have gained access to the office and are currently assessing the damage and developing service restoration and building repair plans. Additional resources and contractors have been dispatched to the area to assist, as needed. The AT&T National Disaster Recovery team has been engaged and is sending multiple SAT COLTs to the affected area. A working bridge has been established and teams continue to assess the situation and prepare for any restoration efforts that may be necessary. The next update will be at approximately 17:30 CT, unless there is a significant change in status.


Please also note, this is also affecting customers with EPB, Charter, Verizon and more, as this has affected major internet transit routes.

More Information:


Thank You