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Are you ready for an Internet Service Provider that delivers MORE than it promises, for LESS money than you are paying now?

Sardis Telecom, affectionately known as SardisTel, was inspired and conceived from the frustration of our founders. Just a quick little back story, our CEO has always had a “thing” for technology and was lucky to live in a large metro area growing up. He didn’t realize the struggle for basic, reliable connectivity still existed until he moved to rural Alabama in 2010, for years he struggled to find a solution to his connectivity until finally realizing the local carriers had a monopoly, and would rather sit back and collect as much cash from the hard working citizens then upgrade their network, or offer comparable (and competitive) services to those found in larger cities in the state. Slowly a plan was made to create a new, different, better provider, that would work for the people and give back to the community.

Sardis Telecom, SardisTel, was born. The goal of our company is to provide the best possible service, without breaking the bank. Since our initial trials, we have now developed a comprehensive plan to provide service to 98% of the State of Alabama.We are currently seeking individuals and businesses that would like to “Join The Revolution”  Our “Self Connection Kit” can be purchased today, and allows you to join our network fast and easy. A SardisTel modem will be shipped or delivered to your door. All you have to do is plug it in, and you are online. Oh, and before we forget to mention, we are a no-contract company, so don’t ever worry about getting “locked in” – if you ever decide you don’t like our service, or you move, simply return your equipment. It’s that easy.

SardisTel, while it is named after our roots in Sardis City, Alabama is committed to bringing solid, reasonably priced telecommunication services with a focus on exceptional customer service to all of Alabama over the next few years. (we won’t lie, it is a work in progress to find the best of the best employees, so if you know someone who loves technology, or is great with people, and would like to work for a company that will value them, please tell them to fill out an application here).