30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Updated August 28th 2019


We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products and services. The 30 day money back guarantee starts the day the customer activates their equipment & service with us, after delivery of the order. If the customer has issues with their service within this 30 day window, SardisTel has the right to attempt to resolve the issue up to *2* times, and the guarantee window will automatically be extended if needed, to allow the customer to test the attempted resolution. If satisfactory resolution is not achieved, the customer may cancel service and request a refund for any paid invoices upon the return of our equipment. The refund process takes up to 45 days to be fully processed and refunded due to the steps involved. These steps include, but are not limited to:

  1. Customer request cancellation.
  2. Our staff reviews the request, and either accepts or denies the request (Denial reasons may include but are not limited to: illegal use of the service, failure to work with our staff to resolve an issue, credit/debit card dispute issued without first resolving issue with us).
  3. If cancellation is accepted, customer will be provided an RMA # – This number must be marked on the outside of the return. Customer must then ship the return back to us, or drop it off at our Oneonta, AL location.
  4. Once the return is received, you will get notified in the customer portal (in the cancellation ticket) that the item has been received.
  5. Every Friday, our staff will process the returned equipment from the previous week. Once staff has determined equipment is in working order and not damaged (Do not expect a refund on equipment returned with broken parts, missing parts, cat pee, dog pee, – or any pee -, roach infested, yellowed from tar, etc). You will be notified of equipment and condition testing.
  6. Once tested, the account will be turned over to our accounting department who will determine the refund amount, and issue a refund. Depending on refund method required, it can take anywhere from 7-14 days to process this step. If refund is issued by Money Order or Check, allow for an additional 3-5 days for mailing of refund.

*Understand the time frames are estimated, and if outside forces cause a delay, we are sorry, but we do not intend for any delays and we will try to communicate any delays as they may happen. 

Any customer who files a credit or debit card dispute, without first attempting to resolve the issue with our Technical or Accounting staff, as per the Terms of Service agreed to at the time of ordering, will be subject to a $250 false claims fee, that will be collected by a collections company.

How Do You Submit A Cancellation Request


Login to the customer portal at https://my.sardistel.com


Go to “Products and Services” and then click on the service you wish to cancel.


This will bring you to the “Services Details Page” and there is a red button that reads "Request Cancellation". Click this button.


Fill out the short form provided, click submit.

Once your request has been submitted, the system will immediately open a “Cancel Service Request” ticket, with additional information. Our staff will respond within 1 business day, and work with you to process the cancellation request.

The above process is the only accepted cancellation method. No other method will be supported, as we must have the request in official form, from the account owner. 

Important Information

To be eligible for a refund under this policy, if the return/refund request is due to performance or service issues, customer must allow Sardis Telecom 2 attempts to fix the issue, before a return will be authorized. Customer will not be billed during the time of troubleshooting, in accordance with our Terms of Service.

How are refunds provided?

There are 3 ways we may issue a refund, depending on circumstances:

  • If the refund is for an equipment deposit, the refund will likely be done in the form of a money order.
  • If the refund is for service issues in the first 30 days of service, the refund will either be a refund to the credit/debit card used to place the order, or by money order.
  • If the refund is for a charge over 90 days ago for any reason, it must be issued by money order, as the bank will not accept a credit on a charge over 90 days old.
  • Money Order may be substituted on rare occasions by a check. Money orders are Postal Money Orders from the United States Post Office, and are mailed with signature confirmation.

Important information about credit / debit card payments, and payment disputes

All credit and debit card payments to SardisTel are processed under the name of the company that owns SardisTel, which is Community Outreach and Development Foundation, or COADF for short. COADF owns and operates 7 telecommunication companies, and is a non-profit corporation that specializes in providing telecommunication and education assistance to rural communities in the Southeast United States. SardisTel is a for profit company, but all profits are used to fund the infrastructure and educational programs that COADF provides.

It is imperative that you remember your credit card or bank statement will show Community Outreach and Development, or COADF when we charge for services on your account. PLEASE make a mental note, and if needed wire yourself a note, so you remember when reconciling your financial statements. If for some reason you forget, and you contact your bank or credit card issuer and report the charge as not authorized, or unknown, you will be responsible by law for the amount disputed, and for an additional $25 returned payment fee for each transaction disputed.

If a dispute is made with your credit card issuer, or your bank, we will notify you of receipt of the dispute. You will have 24 hours to respond to our communication, or your SardisTel services will be suspended until the issue is resolved. We will give you 72 hours to contact the credit card issuer or bank and withdraw the dispute. You will still be responsible for the $25 returned payment fee, and you will be invoiced for the amount, due within 7 days.

No payments will be accepted on your account, until the dispute is resolved, and you have provided us proof of the resolution from the credit card issuer or bank involved.

There is no excuse for falsely disputing a charge from SardisTel / COADF. We provide this information when placing orders with SardisTel and require you the end user to check the “I Understand and Agree” box before allowing the order to continue. This information is also included in our Terms of Service, which are also presented at checkout and must be agreed to before the order is accepted by our system. Additionally we provide this information in our Order Confirmation Email, and in each new SardisTel invoice. Falsely disputing charges can, and does hurt important bank ratings, and does cost us additional money. We will terminate service to any customer who repeatedly makes false claims, and will pursue damages if needed.

Please remember that when you purchase products and services from SardisTel, unique identification information is passed on the the credit card issuer, or bank, along with time stamps of acceptance of our terms of service and other relevant information. False accusations may also negatively impact your credit card account, or bank account if they also find that you were provided the information outlined above, and failed to act in accordance or falsified a dispute saying you were not aware of the charge or the company listed on your statement.