2024 Offer

At SardisTEL, we deeply appreciate your continued loyalty. It's customers like you who have shaped our journey, and in recognition of your support, we're excited to present exclusive upgrade offers that promise to significantly enhance your internet speed and overall online experience.

Step Up to Enhanced LTE Technology

You've been a dedicated user of our LTE CAT 4 modem, and it's time for a technological leap. We're offering a state-of-the-art LTE modem that not only accesses 14 LTE bands but can also aggregate 4 LTE connections for substantially improved speeds — up to 2-3 times your current capacity. This powerful modem comes with advanced features such as:

A dedicated static WAN IP address

Port Forwarding, UPNP

A customizable admin area

And robust security verified by an independent lab

Special Upgrade Price


One-Time Payment

or $21 over 6 months

Exclusive 5G Modem OffeR


One-Time Payment

or $42 per month over 6 months

Embrace the Future with 5G

For those ready to venture into even more remarkable speed territories, our 5G service awaits. Average 5G download speeds stand at 150Mbps, and uploads at 30Mbps, with selected midband areas enjoying up to 300Mbps download and 80Mbps upload. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a transformation to how you'll live, work, and play online.

Complementary Plan Enhancements

Whichever upgrade you choose, we'll elevate your SardisTEL plan to a no-speed-limit plan at no additional cost. This means you'll enjoy the fastest speeds available for your device without paying extra. For instance, if you're on a 25/5 plan at $79/m, it'll be upgraded to the unlimited plan at the same rate with the activation of your new modem.

5G Plan Offer

Should you select the 5G modem, it will require our unlimited 5G plan. As an esteemed customer, this plan is available to you at a specially reduced rate of:




Next Steps to Upgrade

To take advantage of these exclusive offers, please contact our customer support team by [Insert Contact Method]. Given the nature of these special promotions, we advise you to act promptly as demand is high and shipping is estimated at 21-30 days from the time of order placement.

Looking towards the future

Your journey with SardisTEL is about to get even more exciting. Whether you choose the enhanced LTE experience or dive into the revolutionary world of 5G, we're here to make sure your transition is smooth and satisfying.

Thank you for your trust in SardisTEL. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the best our technology has to offer.