SardisTel Wireless Internet Customers SpeedTest Results

Below you will find SpeedTests conducted against SardisTel servers from our users, and our mobile testing equipment. This data was last compiled 5/15/18.

Please keep in mind, that if a customer is subscribed to say the 5Mbps download plan, and they perform a speedtest, the speedtest will record that slow speed on the map, but much faster speeds are available. If you have questions, feel free to talk to us on live chat, or via phone at 256-400-0011

You may open this map on Google Maps, and search for your address using this link. If you do not find any results near your address, it is most likely because we have not done any testing in that area. You may request us to come out and do a live test, using this link.

What areas does SardisTel Wireless Internet cover?

SardisTel Wireless Internet covers 98% of the land in the State of Alabama, and parts of Tennessee. We are currently focused on building out our North Alabama infrastructure and user base, but have resources throughout the state of Alabama. If you are located anywhere in Alabama or Tennesse, you may signup for our service. Please feel free to use our coverage checker located here.

What speeds can I get?

The map and SpeedTest data below is a mash up of existing customers who have run speedtest’s on and the data we have recorded using our mobile “Network Testing Car” which does not have any speed package applied, and allows us to map and test the maximum capacity of our network, along with signal strength.

Your actual internet connection with SardisTel will be limited by the speed package you are subscribed to. You can see our current speed packages at: Residential Services Wireless & Fiber Internet, Phone & TV