Network Upgrades, May 2021

Sardis Telecom is in the process of upgrading some core network equipment. This may cause some small periods of connectivity loss for North Alabama customers. Upgrades will be performed 5/21/2021 – 5/29/2021

Customers may notice their public IP’s change a few times, as traffic is re-routed over new network paths. Customers with Static IP’s may see longer outages as connections and BGP is restored to new core routers.

Our upgrades are to improve capacity, reduce latency, improve uptime and will allow us to increase customer speeds in the near future. Please keep an eye out on our announcements page, and your email for further information on increased speeds, and new service options coming soon.

Our network now has direct connections with 14 transit providers, and 141 partner networks including Google, and Microsoft Azure networks. We have also installed network wide DDOS filtering. We have increased our core network from 10Gbps ports, to 40Gbps ports to allow for current and future growth.

We look forward to improving our services, for you, our customers.