Internet of Things – IoT Plan

Sardis Telecom (SardisTel) is proud to now offer a low cost, always on “Internet Of Things” IoT Plan. This ideal usage for this plan, is our customers with vacation homes who do not want to leave expensive highspeed internet connections on durring the off peak months when they are not useing thier vacation or second homes, but do want to maintian a minimal internet connection so they can still use gadgets like smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart locks, smart alarm systems, etc.

Out IoT plan is a yearly, not monthly plan, and delivers a steady low speed but stable internet connection 24×7 at a very reasonable price. Only $89 per year. That is less than $0.25 per day, to provide a constant connection so you can be sure your smart devices are always able to be controlled remotely or notify you of any problems!

  • IoT

    Yearly Plan
    • 24×7 Steady Connection
    • Unlimited IoT data
    • Connect up to 30 WiFi devices
    • Low Network Latency
    • NO Contracts
    • NO Cancellation Fees
    • Uses the AT&T LTE Network

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    Not sure if AT&T covers your location? Check Here.
    IoT plans are limited to 128Kbps, however this is plenty of capacity for IoT use.