AT&T Modem Issue – Starting October 1st 2021

Attention SardisTEL customers,

Some customers with older v2, v3 and v4 modems will have issues connecting to the Internet starting October 1st 2021. This is caused by changed AT&T is making to it’s core network and tower equipment, as they phase out the AT&T 3G network. This was expected to happen in February 2022, as you can see in this information listed on AT&T’s website. However, without any advanced notice AT&T chose to start this process early, and without pushing firmware to all affected devices to ensure they would connect properly to LTE only sites.

As a result of their failure to properly update all devices, approximately 1,886 SardisTEL customers have found themselves without internet. If you are affected by this, and did not get the emergency notification we sent out, please see the following page for more information, and to get your equipment repaired, so you can get back online

If your modem is 100% offline, and a reboot does not resolve the issue, please go to:

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we were blind-sighted by AT&T’s failure to follow their own timeline and procedures.