AT&T 3G Shutdown, Firmware upgrade needed

AT&T 3g Shutdown Upgrade

Dear SardisTEL Customer,

You have been sent to this page because you have an older V2 modem, or a V3 or V4 modem that requires an immediate firmware upgrade to continue functioning correctly.

On October 1st, 2021 - ahead of previously planned migration date of February 2022, AT&T began upgrading the connection parameters on some of it's LTE towers, to accommodate the shutdown of their older 3G networks, and to make room to turn on newer 5G services.

This was not planned to happen until February 2022, as you can see here on AT&T's official website,

However, for reasons we are still not 100% clear on, some towers began rejecting equipment registration and connections on October 1st, 2021 that still had legacy 3G access.

The upside to this, is the shutdown of 3G services on the tower that services your address will create a substantial amount of added capacity for 4G LTE and 5G services, so your service should become more stable, and faster after the changes.

To rectify this issue, SardisTEL must manually upgrade the firmware on your modem to disable legacy connection types, and authentication. Unfortunately, due to the way AT&T implemented this "upgrade" it does require us to physically touch the hardware to upgrade it.

Therefore, please fill out the following form and send your modem into our service center for immediate repair.

We do not have extra modems and cannot ship a replacement.

***Even if you have been on the waiting list for a new modem from AT&T already, you will need to send your existing modem in for repair, as AT&T does not have an ETA for when new modems will be arriving. Additionally, AT&T says this firmware will fix the daily reboots some customers have needed to do recently. ***

We must modify your existing modem. We know this is a headache, trust us, we hate this as much as you. However we are stuck in the middle too. The global chip shortage has made it nearly impossible to get equipment in a timely manner, and prices have skyrocketed 275%.

With our small office staff, and the fact that 1,886 customers are affected, we must proceed in the most controlled way possible to ensure the fastest turn around time. We can not make special arrangements for anyone, unfortunately, we wish we could. There is too much to do in such a short amount of time that it would not be fair to other customers. Everyone will be treated equally.

Please fill the out form below, you will then be given shipping instructions to send your modem to a local repair center. Once we get the modem into our center, it will take 2-3 business days to unpackage, disinfect, upgrade firmware, test to ensure it is working again, package and ship back to you. Please be sure the address on your account in the account portal is correct, as that is the address that will be used for shipping. So again, please make sure your information in the account portal is accurate, and up to date.

SardisTEL will send you an email when the repaired modem is shipped back out, additionally we will be issuing a one time credit for all affected customers in the amount of $14.35.